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Alpha has the unique ability to break down technical terminology and communicate in a way that our staff can understand. This allows us to make critical business decisions for the county school system and properly allocate money for the correct technology.

-Chad Norman, Director of Technology and Transportation, Marion County Schools

We have an excellent working relationship with Alpha Technologies. They are professional and complete jobs in a timely manner. Alpha Technologies have provided fantastic customer support and installation.

-Stephanie Duffy-Zimmer, Ph.D., Director of Technology, Brooke County Schools, WV

I am writing in recommendation of James Stewart, and Alpha Technologies. He gets back to me in a timely manner and addresses my concerns. I plan to continue working with this company. I highly recommend Mr. Stewart and Alpha Technologies. 

- Dr. Vicky G. Cline, Director of Technology, Assessment and Accountability, Greenbrier Public Schools, West Virginia

Mr. James Stewart and Alpha Technologies have been the sole contract provider for Salto electronic door locks for Logan County Schools. We had multiple walkthroughs and he has always answered my questions. Their follow-up and response has been prompt. Alpha Technologies has assisted Logan County Schools with network cable installs, electronic door lock installs, security camera installation, data center framework, planning process for county-wide VOIP phone systems and so much more. With strong leadership in managing teams and excellence in project completion, we highly recommend Alpha Technologies.

- Lisa Teeters, Director of Technology, Logan County Schools, West Virginia

I recommend the exemplary services of Alpha technologies and their technical assistants. We have worked together for more than seven years. Alpha's team of seasoned technicians have provided device and infrastructure purchasing guidance, assistance with E-rate planning and funding expenditures, network cabling services, and the overall design, orchestration and management of IT solutions and services. Alpha Technologies has become a valuable asset to McDowell County Schools. I highly recommend their services. I couldn't do without you guys!

- Joey Norris, Director of Technology Integration, McDowell County Schools, West Virginia

Alpha Technologies has helped me sleep better at night as we now have a data recovery plan.

- Tom Shade, Morgan County

You guys were a lifesaver for me.

- Zane Gherke, Wood County

Even though I know we are one of Alpha's smaller clients, I never feel that way, the staff of Alpha Technologies make me feel like I am one of their most important clients. Doug always follows the golden rule and treats people the way he wants to be treated. I appreciate that I can go to him with any technical question, and he takes the time to give me a truthful and thoughtful answer.

- Brian Donat, County Manager of Putnam County Commission

If you are seeking a vendor that has your best interests in mind, please consider Alpha Technologies. They are always willing to devote quality resources, thought and planning; the outcome is aimed at best-fit solutions and the end goal is your success. With all that is offered and coming, Alpha is staged to do just that – make you a success in your organization. Alpha has been instrumental in saving us an annual $50,000 in a staff role that is now augmented by Alpha tier 2 support services. We don't need to maintain benefits, training or management for this role, saving additional resources. And the aid that we've received from Alpha Technologies over the years has likely saved us much, much more than this.

- Dr. David J. Ayersman, Vice President of Technology and Library Services, New River Community and Technical College

Service delivery is enhanced, positively impacting all of our departments by aiding them in communicating and collaborating effectively...These improvements would have never been possible, under the budget restrictions local government has faced over the last several years, without the guidance of Doug and his team at Alpha Technologies. The initial project has had a huge impact; with Alpha's help we enhanced services to fiber, upgraded network equipment and tied all offices into a more unified network and VOIP telephone system without costing us anything extra on a month-to-month basis.

- William E. Kelly, Director of Information Technology, City of Beckley

Highland Hospital (Process Strategies) sold its retail pharmacy to Fruth including equipment/servers and all. Only to find out there was data still on the server that Highland needed to access for billing purposes. I reached out to Fruth, and as you know, Alpha Technology handles the heavy lifting on the network side, so they put me in touch with Austin Templeton. I just wanted to comment on my experience with working with him and also Jessica Law. They are both very knowledgeable and helped me work through multiple VPN issues; one in particular which was related to a routing problem on my side. They were both committed to getting the issue resolved, even if it was on my end. I’m used to hearing something to the effect of “The problem is on your end”, and it being left at that. Anyway it was refreshing to work with someone with the expertise, professional, and courtesy to properly handle and resolve issues. Thanks.

- Damon J. Carradine, IT Manager, Highland Hospital