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December 9, 2021 at 2PM


The upward progression in technology along with the growing digital landscape has caused the rate of cybercrimes to grow exponentially. Many companies struggle to detect and protect against these new threats leaving themselves vulnerable to attacks. In order for corporations to protect their information online, it is important to take security precautions.

Join us to hear from OneLogin’s Chief Product Officer, Damon Dean and the World’s Most Famous Hacker and top Cybersecurity expert, Kevin Mitnick, as they sit down to discuss cybertrends, the latest data breaches and the future of passwords.

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January 2022

Extreme Live Demo

2020 changed daily life for millions across the globe, but it also upended entire industries. To meet today’s business needs the New Networking must be deliver effortless, flexible, and secure network management.

Join us for one of our ExtremeLive demo sessions to:

  • Learn about the benefits of cloud-driven network management
  • Understand the business benefits of detailed network data analytics
  • See how AI and machine learning in networking can improve your operational efficiency
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of your enterprise edge to data center infrastructure

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