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Alpha Voice is a cloud-based Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) platform that offers a highly available solution to enhance your office phone experience, no matter where you are. The system was designed to provide flexibility and meet the ever-changing demands of today's business environments. Over the last few years, many of our preferred vendors of in-house PBX solutions changed their

licensing models. They have moved away from a permanent licensing model to a monthly licensing model. This model often forces you into purchasing expensive licensing that includes features that you may or may not need, and also forces you to include hardware maintenance that many of our customers chose to do without in the past. This new structure, combined with the upfront Capital expense of new hardware (servers) and phones, left many of our customers no longer able to afford to upgrade, expand or purchase a replacement PBX. As a result, Alpha set out to find a solution that small, midsize and large businesses could not only afford, but would also potentially reduce their overall spend for phone and PBX services. We knew that this system would need to be flexible enough to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s business environments. To that end, we introduce the Alpha Voice Business Platform. A Unified Communication system that is as flexible as your changing business requirements.

What is Alpha Voice Business and how does it help my business?

The Alpha Voice system is a cloud-based PBX system. This means there is no need to buy expensive PBX hardware platforms and hire IT experts to install and maintain your system. With Alpha Voice there is no need to buy phone handsets, as we have mobile apps for your cell phone, or a web browser-based softphone. The choice of buying phone handsets is up to you!

Is Alpha Voice Business expandable?

The Alpha Voice system capable of running the smallest of offices or can expand to as many phones as needed. Our system includes phone services, voice mail, voice mail to email, and extension to extension web chat capabilities. Do you need multiple automated attendants, call groups, conference lines, or time of day call routing? No problem, we have you covered – all at no additional charge.

Is the system difficult to manage and maintain?

Since Alpha Voice is a Managed Cloud Based phone system, you don’t need to hire anyone to maintain your system. The maintenance of the underlying system is handled by Alpha, as are day to day moves, adds, and changes. Just call the helpdesk and let them know what needs to be done. If you have an existing IT staff, they don’t have to worry about the phone system. They can focus on keeping your core systems for your business running.

Can Alpha Voice Business save my company money?

With a Traditional PBX phone system, you have the added cost of bringing the service to the system in the form of PRI’s, POTs lines or SIP service circuits.  With Alpha Voice Business you can eliminate most if not all need for these expensive services. At Alpha, we port your business numbers into our system allowing you to disconnect the hardlines at your location. We have found that in most cases we can reduce your overall telecom expense and give you improved service at the same time.  Alpha Voice Business also provides free extension to extension chat/messaging capabilities within your organization via our browser-based web portal and mobile phone app. You can chat and share files with your coworkers quickly and easily without resorting to using email or using a disconnected app like MS Teams or Webex.
What other features are available?

Meetings and video conferencing - Do you need video conferencing and collaboration meetings? We have you covered with Alpha Voice Meetings. Our meeting platform is browser based ( Google Chrome) and works very similar to the popular meeting platforms only at a much reduced price. You can set personal meeting room, or schedule meetings or conferences and send invite from the platform itself.

Call Center Capabilities - Does your business need call center capabilities? We have you covered there as well. Our Call Center capabilities include supervisory visibility into Call queues, Supervisory listening in on Agents Calls, reporting on Queue Stats, Agent Availability, Agent Stats, and more.

If your current phone system is aging, failing, or too expensive to maintain/operate, Alpha Voice can help.  Contact Alpha Technologies to talk to a sales team member and learn how Alpha Voice can benefit your business or schedule a demo and hear for yourself the difference a modern era telephony solution can make.




VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems are becoming increasingly popular among businesses due to their cost effectiveness, flexibility, scalability, and adaptable technology. In comparison to traditional phone systems, VoIP systems are less expensive as they use Internet connectivity rather than traditional phone lines. Businesses can access Internet services through various media such as fiber-optic service, cable modem, DSL over copper pair, and wireless

services, including carrier grade 5G/LTE service. The competition in the market and the coverage offered by these services make it a consumer's market, providing businesses with reliable Internet connectivity and voice services. Gone are the days when businesses would worry about their voice services going out if the Internet went down. With the availability of backup LTE services, cellphones, and secondary broadband services, businesses can have non-stop Internet and voice services. 

With competition, you also have a choice in savings and features with your voice services.  Alpha Voice is a modern VOIP phone system that provides numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, Alpha Voice can help streamline communication processes, enhance productivity, and improve the efficiency of your business. Cost savings, increased flexibility, and scalability are just some reasons why more and more businesses are turning to Alpha Voice for their VOIP phone system needs. Let's explore some key benefits of using Alpha Voice and how it can help take your business to the next level.

Alpha Voice offers businesses flexibility, as employees can make and receive calls from any location with Internet access, making it easier for businesses with remote or mobile workers. The system converts conversations into packets, allowing them to be delivered over public networks to their destination. This means that anywhere you have Internet service, employees can access their business telephone line.

Scalability is another advantage of the Alpha Voice phone system, as we can easily scale your system up or down to match the changing needs of your business. In our digital economy, scalability refers to a system's ability to function properly and efficiently despite changes in size or volume. This means businesses can make changes to their phone systems easily and inexpensively, without having to worry about servers, memory, storage, file security, and so on. We take care of all this for you. 

Adaptable technology is also important for businesses, as your phone system needs to be able to adapt to changes as your business grows, moves, or evolves.  The adaptable technology provided by Alpha Voice accommodates various preferences. You can take calls with a mobile application on Android or iPhone, a computer-based softphone with a mobile Bluetooth headset, or a desk phone with all the latest features.

The rise of voice technology with remote work has made it easier for businesses to manage their work-from-home and hybrid workforces. We make this possible using scalable cloud phone solutions that connect remote employees to a unified network. The addition of new remote employees to the Alpha Voice system is as effortless as adding in-person employees. Furthermore, remote employees can transition back to the office seamlessly without compromising productivity.

VoIP phone systems offer advanced features such as call routing, voicemail, and call recording that improve communication and productivity. However, the wide array of functions available can be overwhelming for customers, leading them to underutilize these advanced features. At Alpha Voice, we take a personalized approach, talking to customers to understand their business needs and which features would benefit them the most. Our customers often find new ways to use the features and tools we provide to enhance productivity and accomplish tasks in unexpected ways.

The integration of Alpha Voice with other applications, through API (Application Programming Interface) integrations, has opened exciting new possibilities. Our latest project involves a new API management portal that will allow Alpha Voice to integrate fully with any API-based package. For example, we can integrate with business tools such as CRM software, making it easier to manage customer interactions. We just integrate and create command like icons that will allow us or our clients to build web applications based on the API commands without having to write any code at all.  Alpha Voice's integration with CRM systems, along with its API integration engine, creates endless new opportunities for improvement.

Alpha Voice telephony offers improved call quality compared to traditional phone systems, as we use high-speed Internet connections and high-density codecs like G722 which results in superior audio quality and clarity. Additionally, every IP phone or device that connects to Alpha Voice's network uses encrypted TLS tunnels for security, ensuring that conversations are private and secure. We also take care of the setup, making it an effortless process.

In conclusion, VoIP phone systems provide businesses with cost savings, flexibility, scalability, and adaptable technology. By using the internet for voice services, businesses can benefit from reliable and secure connectivity, and a system that can easily be scaled to match the changing needs of the business. With Alpha Technologies, businesses can enjoy non-stop business value and the adaptable technology needed to grow and evolve. If you are looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with others, I encourage you to make the switch to Alpha Voice telephony today! With Alpha Voice, you will get crystal-clear sound quality, seamless connectivity, and a host of features that will help you stay connected with your colleagues, friends, and family.  So why wait? Make the switch to Alpha Voice today and start enjoying all the benefits of this powerful telephony solution. Whether you are a small business owner, a busy professional, or just someone who wants to stay connected with the people who matter most, Alpha Voice has everything you need to communicate with confidence and ease.



The telephone is one of the most transformative inventions in human history. It has revolutionized the way we communicate, and has been an essential part of modern life for over a century. The story of the telephone is a fascinating one, filled with twists and turns, incredible innovations, and dramatic moments that have changed the world. From Alexander Graham Bell's early experiments to the modern-day smartphones we carry in our pockets, the history of the telephone is a tale of human ingenuity, perseverance, and imagination. Click the link below to look at a timeline of where we were to where we are today!



Although cell phones and internet-based communication have become ubiquitous in our modern world, there was a time when the plain old telephone line was the only way to connect with people over long distances.  Whether you're a technology buff or just someone who's interested in the history of everyday objects, the story of the telephone line is one that is sure to enlighten.  Keep in mind, these services are still being utilized in today's business world. 



Before the widespread use of cell phones, we had to make phone calls from payphones by inserting coins into the slot or using a prepaid phone card.  We had to utilize a phone book to make decisions for service providers to fix the dish washer.  We also had to dial our friends and family phone numbers from memory.

Such major leaps in technology in such a short amount of time!  It's still funny to see kids react to the first iterations of telephony though.


Alpha Voice Mobile is a cutting-edge application designed to help users communicate more efficiently and effectively. With the application, you can make and receive phone calls for your business from your cellphone without exposing your cellphone number to the world.  Check it out for yourself on the app-store by searching Alpha Voice! To learn more about this game-changing app, we invite you to download our free eBook by clicking the link below. This guide will walk you through the many benefits of Alpha Voice Mobile.



Whether you are ordering new phone service with Alpha or switching to another carrier, there are some acronyms you will come across during the process either from the telco company or your Project Manager.  Let's get you prepared for migration terminology jargon. 


These are used to describe the many phone carriers that provide you service. However there are a few subtle differences.


This stands for Local Exchange Carrier. It is the local company for providing service in your local area.


Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers are the companies that originally provided service in the local area before unbundling took place after 1996. Typically this is AT&T in most areas. ILECs are often referred to as simply LEC.


Competitive Local Exchange Carriers are telecommunication providers that compete with the larger LECs and have their equipment connected to the LEC. In some instances, they are able to provide more competitive pricing. CLECs are now also building their own fiber networks and offering more cloud-based services.


Session Initiation Protocol - SIP trunks are delivered over the internet instead of a physical copper line. There are no minimum trunks to be ordered and they are easily scalable as the business grows. Carriers can often deliver SIP service as PRI handoff which makes it a flexible solution.


Primary Rate Interface - PRI circuits are delivered over dedicated phone lines from the LEC to your location. A single circuit is 23-channels.


Main Point of Entry to your business. This is where the LEC will deliver the interface for your new telephone service. Also referred to as the "demarc" or demarcation point. This could be a basement location in a multi-story building for example. Services delivered here will likely need to be extended to your business server or PBX room.


Local Number Portability - This term is used to describe an order to move your existing phone numbers from one phone service provider to another.


Point of Contact - The local onsite contact that the local phone service provider will contact when delivering new services to your business.


Letter of Authorization - This is a legal document providing permission for a telephone service provider to switch your phone numbers from one provider to another. This is typically a paper document that the "authorized contact" on the current account are required sign.


Firm Order Commitment - This is a confirmation of order acceptance and includes the date that the losing carrier will release the phone numbers to the new carrier or that new services will be delivered. Until you have FOC, you only have an estimated date.



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