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In today’s digital world, everyone needs a fast, reliable internet connection. Alpha Connect Fiber is reliable, safe, and fast. Our network connects you to our global data center that is secured and maintained through rigorous testing, audits, and compliance assessments. This provides you a direct connect to the cloud, internet, and any “as a service” product you can imagine.

Stronger internet can create a more efficient way of conducting business. Connection that amplifies reliability and speed has the ability to offer you and your employees a web experience that takes your business to the next level.When you get Alpha Connect Fiber that next level can be yours. With several speed options to fit your needs, you get the benefits of high-speed, higher-bandwidth internet that your business can rely on. Maximizing work and productivity is easy.

Here, we recap a few reasons why Alpha Connect Fiber can offer affordable internet that supports the features that matter most in your business:

  1. Wi-Fi 6
    Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation in wireless internet. It's the wireless we know, but better. With a focus on improved performance in congested areas, you'll notice the difference immediately. Fiber helps deliver an experience that emphasizes better efficiency, capacity and all-around functionality that you can appreciate. That means more stable and reliable internet for even the most high-bandwidth activities and devices.

  2. Virtual Connections
    Video has become the No. 1 way we interact with our co-workers and customers. With all the meetings and gatherings we attend online, strong bandwidth is needed to keep video and audio clear and free. With Alpha Connect Fiber virtual meetings can take place with ease. The technology and networking behind Fiber makes all the difference.

  3. Cloud Applications
    Utilizing cloud applications on your existing network Minimize downtime while accelerating productivity with the network speed and reliability you need to optimize your cloud environment. Gaining access to a full technology eco-system Simplify IT operations and ordering through our easy-to-use digital portal and get enterprise-grade support when you need it, delivered with a predictable pricing model.

If you are experiencing issues with your current carrier of inconsistent speeds for what you pay, multiple technical visits with no remedy to your service issue, and mediocre customer service, contact us for your free consultation. We will provide you with a personalized quote and design to bring the true speed of the internet to your door.

**Only available in select areas at this time.