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Your Data, Your Cloud

Using state-of-the-art equipment in our West Virginia-based data center, we provide redundancy, security, and first-class data protection and privacy services for all your computing systems and networks. Alpha Technologies partners with you on your company’s IT strategy to streamline your networks and safeguard your data. With 20+ years as an industry leader, our reliability and performance are unmatched. Give our team a call to schedule a tour and discover how our data center can accelerate your business performance. 304-201-7485 or email to learn more.

Limitations of an On-Premise Data Center

When your company grows, data expands, reliance on it increases, and the on-premise data center becomes challenging to maintain. Unless you have reliable backup and security, your data is inadequately protected. Depending on the size and knowledge of your IT team, keeping your internal infrastructure up to date can further burden the workforce’s responsibilities and leave you open to a cyber-attack. These issues will affect your ability to support primary business services and goals.

You are not alone. Forty percent of businesses cite outdated skill sets in IT as a barrier to meeting business and technology priorities. When combined with the cost, inflexibility, and lead times to get new hardware, the initial benefit of the on-premise data center does not add up.

Businesses of all sizes find the on-premise data center are:

Difficult to scale – Limited flexibility to scale rapidly with your business. Adding more storage means buying new hardware. Without regular capital investment to expand, increase space, add resources to provision, and new hardware and software, your data center quickly becomes limited and eventually a risk for your business.

Inflexible – There is little flexibility built into on-premise capacity, and new hardware is costly when it needs upgrading. Owning and managing an IT infrastructure makes it challenging to adapt to changing business conditions, implement business continuity, or develop new value-added applications. Today, the burden of managing an infrastructure (specifically as it ages) fundamentally limits many businesses’ ability to innovate and stay competitive. Small and medium-sized businesses are under increasing pressure to do more with less and use valuable IT resources to create differentiation through applications that support your unique business needs.

Scarce IT resources – Instead of using IT resources on tasks to differentiate and grow your business, you are increasingly focused on finding the right employee with the skills required to maintain the hardware and software used by your company. The advantages of utilizing your internal IT team to their full potential take a back seat because you are tackling everyday maintenance.

Less reliable – You, alone, are responsible for business continuity and staying ahead of any security threats to prevent downtime that will slow the business. It is increasingly challenging to proactively address security issues and avoid productivity losses in a static work environment where changes cannot be made to avoid disruptions.

Businesses today are adopting new working models and shifting to flexible IT platforms with Cloud computing and services. With Alpha’s Cloud computing model, large volumes of storage, computing, and other IT capabilities are available to organizations in a pay-as-you-go model. It enables us to respond faster to our client’s needs, improve services, reduce costs, and free up resources for critical projects.

The Cloud services model allows businesses to outsource the buying, integration, upgrading, patching, and management of servers, storage, and communications equipment. With the Cloud, you pay for IT resources as you use them. You eliminate the equipment, software, tools, power, and real estate costs associated with building and managing your infrastructure. Because the Cloud offers the ability to rent storage and eliminate costly on-site solutions, it provides a way to unlock affordable new possibilities for business efficiency and growth.

Alpha’s Cloud services level the playing field for all businesses by providing access to the latest infrastructure and services to run current workloads. With the rise of more flexible work environments, access to IT services and network capacity through the Cloud provides an affordable way to unlock new possibilities for efficiency, reliability, and expansion. Moving an on-premise data room to the Cloud helps to:

Reduce upfront investments:
Manage business needs more efficiently and cost-effectively in a pay-as-you-go model rather than having to make large capital expenditures.

Use internal resources more effectively:
Automate tasks like monitoring, security, and backup. Leverage custom reports to analyze and manage costs and usage. It frees your team to work on initiatives that could be more mission-critical to your company’s growth.

Improve productivity:
Provide remote teams with reliable access and eliminate performance issues. Add resources with the click of a button and quickly deploy applications globally without the risk or latency that comes with on-premise infrastructure.

Secure your business:
Protect, detect, respond, and recover from threats to your business faster and more reliably. Underlying hardware and software stay up-to-date, and flexible work environments are easily supported, secured, and recovered if necessary.

The Cloud is the primary IT priority in 2023 for companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. Companies that subscribe to Cloud services save up to 31 percent on all IT costs using the Cloud compared to maintaining an on-site infrastructure. With business issues such as aging infrastructure, remote workers, business continuity, and limited IT resources, there is a clear return on investment for moving to the Cloud. The most important question is no longer if you should move your data center but when.

Are You Ready to Move to the Cloud?

Considering what challenges lie ahead can help you identify the most critical pain points within your on-premise data rooms and closets. The criteria below will help you assess whether moving to the Cloud is right for you and your company. Go ahead and check off the factors that affect your business the most:

  • I have an aging infrastructure that needs to be replaced
  • I have an increasing number of remote employees accessing the network
  • We struggle to keep up with security and other required patches
  • I am concerned about our ability to back up and quickly restore our data
  • We frequently have unplanned downtime or power outages.
  • Increasing complexity makes it difficult to identify network, security or capacity problems before they impact the business
  • I have limited IT resources and can’t hire to meet business demands
  • My development resources are busy maintaining existing infrastructure, and not able to dedicate time to the needs of either internal or external customers for applications.
  • I have connectivity issues due to increased traffic to support remote staff and access to internal resources.
  • I have issues maintaining and staying up to date on the latest industry standards that I am required to carry to protect both mine and my client’s critical information.
  • I have limited space at my facility for a data room or the necessary equipment for my business.
  • My business office is a multi-tenant building that has one data room. My compliance requirement does not allow for co-tenant of my equipment.
If you said yes to any of the above items, a Cloud migration can enhance your IT infrastructure and accelerate how you do business!

Getting Started with Cloud Migration

With so many pressures on your on-premise data center, now is a great time to get started on your Cloud migration to Alpha Technologies. What sets Alpha apart from our competitors in Cloud Services are as follows:

Differentiation - Alpha Technologies understands the unique needs of all business sizes for Cloud migrations and colocation. We offer customized solutions and services that differentiate us from other providers and allows for the quick adoption of new technology.

Security and Uptime - Security and uptime commitments that are best-in-class in the industry.

Experience - Alpha has the expertise to get you ready to migrate to the Cloud, whether you are a small or large business.

Innovation - We are a Cloud provider heavily invested in the latest innovations and technology.

Support - Hands-on support and expertise to position clients for best development and assessment of a migration strategy that meets your needs.

Partnership - Exiting your on-premise data center can be daunting. Alpha’s team can help you meet deadlines and goals. Working with our experienced support services team to develop your Cloud plan allows for identification of challenges and ensures that you get the results you are looking for. Alpha Technologies drives the results through expertise, education, a straightforward assessment, implementation planning, and migration.

Mobilization - An Alpha Technologies developed proof of concept will help you plan and visualize the steps to make your company migration happen as quickly and affordably as possible. Part of this effort will be evaluating the expertise and experience of your team to support the Cloud migration.

Migrate and Update - The best Cloud migrations allows you to leverage the Cloud at a pace that works best for your business and can be performed in two ways. The first way, migrate with minimal changes, provides the fastest results. Often called “Re-hosting,” we “Lift and Shift,” so you can begin seeing benefits sooner. Often fully automated, this migration doesn’t require changes to the underlying architecture that you already have. The second way, is adopting Cloud-native technologies that can help you fully realize the benefits of the Cloud transition, reducing operational costs as applications are re-envisioned and become Managed Cloud Services.

Migrating your data center is about much more than the near-term efficiency gains. It is a long-term investment that will help you grow your business and make IT part of your business success. When you migrate to the Cloud, you give your business the advantage of increased agility. A key benefit of your Cloud migration is the flexibility to make incremental or transformational changes cost effective. A Cloud marketplace offers you development options to shift from costly licensing to subscription-based metering and billing. This translates to tangible benefits as you migrate and update your workloads:

Fast and Cost-Effective Migration with Alpha Technologies

Alpha has the experience and expertise to help organizations of all sizes, industries, and geography benefit from the Cloud. We offer the tools to assess, plan and support your migration, including skills training and complete software, services, and partner ecosystem. Alpha can move any workload to the cloud – applications, websites, databases, storage, physical, or virtual servers. We have more experience than any other Cloud provider in the area and offer tangible solutions that:

Real cost savings you can see and measure - Moving to the Cloud reduces costs while increasing efficiency. We offer tools and calculators to assess your workload and costs to measure your migration ROI, taking the guesswork out of operational costs and identifying new opportunities for you to save.

The highest level of Cloud security - Your Cloud is only as strong as its security. Our data centers security infrastructure is built to satisfy the highest requirements of the world’s leading financial, educational institutions, and governmental institutions that rely on it—ensuring you have the same level of security that they do. Comprehensive and constantly improving, our data centers compliance places our security features and services at your command, while still ensuring you maintain full control and access to your data.

Capacity and scalability that grows as you need it - Alpha can adjust Cloud capacity to meet demand, while only charging for what you use ensuring you have the space to grow without paying for more than you need. We constantly monitor activity to balance loads, scaling compute power, and storage up or down to meet fluctuations in demand. You will always have visibility into what you are spending and very little concerns about wasting money.

Built-in reliability and resiliency - Businesses cannot afford a breakdown in IT availability—that’s why we have Cloud resiliency. Our extensive investment in multi-carriers, redundant networks, and storage, ensures that you always have access to your critical data and applications. In addition, we bring experience and processes for business continuity, including dedicated teams and partners to provide on-demand expert support.

A broad, deep, and constantly growing set of capabilities - Alpha has been continually expanding its services to support virtually any Cloud workload. When you collaborate with us, you gain new, trusted, and accessible solutions that enable you to store and protect your data, empower your workforce to collaborate securely from anywhere, build websites and applications, better serve customers, and gain new insights from your data without having to make your own investments in capital and talent.

Innovation that accelerates growth - Developing new products, services, and experiences that resonate with customers requires a deep understanding of their needs and an ability to react swiftly to new data. When you work with Alpha, you gain access to solutions that help you innovate swiftly, and experts who can share insights of current and future technologies. We share testimonials from consumers, retail, education, healthcare, and other businesses on how we raise the bar on customer experience, while improving efficiency, increasing speed, and lowering cost. In turn extending these benefits to your business as you grow.

A solution that fits your business - Size does not matter when it comes to Cloud migrations. Businesses with networks and workloads of all sizes are making serious strides in becoming more competitive by moving their on-premise data center to the Cloud.

Flexibility to assess and move your workloads at your pace - Every organization is different. A customized Alpha Technologies Cloud solution provides you with the ability to move workloads without disruptions to your business.

Savings that add up - Consider how the flexibility of paying for only what you need in an Alpha Technologies plan can save your organization valuable time and money. All electrical, hosting, connectivity, security, and cooling, is included!

Corporate Compliance - Alpha has more than 20 years of experience providing managed network services and maintaining three major compliance certifications: HIPAA, SOC, and PCI.

Physical Security – Security guards, surveillance, and monitoring 24x7x365. Security personnel patrol our facility and we maintain continuous video surveillance and recording. Independent multi-level authentication measures control all access to individual sections throughout the facility. Environmental and system variables located within our facility are controlled.

Power – Redundant main power feeds and backup generators to ensure your technology stays online and available 24x7x365.

Cooling – Redundant HVAC and chiller systems to keep all your equipment cool and at optimal operating state.

Multiple Carrier Availability – Multiple telecommunications service providers with diverse paths into DC1 ensure maximum reachability from remote locations to your servers.

Budget Compatible – Competitive pricing for all business sizes.

On-Demand Scalability – Room to add rack space and services when growth occurs.

Smart Hand Availability for Managed Services – Use our professional staff day or night for remote hands when you need them. We can help install your preconfigured equipment for relocation to Alpha.

Disaster Recovery – Data insurance requires that you have off-site verified backups. Utilize our services and the best in backup and recovery solutions can be yours.

Lower Insurance Costs – When you partner with Alpha Technologies through the cloud or colocation, you reduce your exposure to malicious actors, your data is secure, and you can benefit from our compliance certifications. Staying compliant with data regulations shows insurers that your company is committed to protecting consumer data and securing your network, which can lower premiums.

Your Cloud the Alpha Way…

Today, you don’t have to put your business at the mercy of aging hardware and applications, or play catch up with the demands of increasingly flexible work environments. Organizations of your size and stature are already seeing the return from making the move to the Cloud through reduced costs in terms of both infrastructure and staffing. By taking advantage of a pay as you go model, you get exactly what you need, when you need it. You can have peace of mind knowing your data is backed up and can be quickly recovered anytime. The Cloud allows you to re-invest in high-value IT that is specific to differentiating your business and increasing competitiveness. Let us help you get started. To evaluate on your own is overwhelming, as you may not have access to, or know all your options. Getting data backed insights will help drive a smarter migration. Contact us today at 304-201-7485 or email for a free and fast assessment of your migration needs to Alpha Technologies World Class Data Center!